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Have you ever wondered how does a company become famous? Great products! Great hype! We say the hype is sometimes greater than its product. Would you not agree? Seems like no matter what the mobile tech giant, Apple throws your way, you want to buy it. Some even know that it’s too “expensive” for their wallet but they buy it still because “Apple just has that word around itself”.

So, how do you ensure your brand has that word! By marketing yourself right. To do so, you would need a set of skills that you can learn from following guides on or rather a few selected people who can bring your plans to realization. They are:

1. Landing page developer

Your website is your address when it gets to your online shop; it will never be about the physical address you have, people from the world over will find you here. Nobody who dreams of setting a group in this world dreams to even do so without having a website. However, your website can not be used to market you. Well, you need specific pages designed to market you. These are your landing pages. They are not a part of your website and they stand alone.

They are what you will pay Google to promote your business with. If somebody clicks to view your landing page, they will find your sales pitch and you may also direct them on to your website using CTAs. However, that all happens when you have a landing page, to begin with. So, you would need a landing page developer in your team.

2. HTML email developer

Email marketing happens to be more return-positive than most other forms of marketing these days including the likes of television marketing ad social media too. However, to do so right, you would need impressive newsletters. You want to make sure the dimension, colour scheme, tonality, and words – all make sense. However, these are certain areas that need the involvement of different people, but the one guy to bring them all under one umbrella is an HTML email developer. You could get in touch with an email marketing expert to further help you sort your needs regarding email marketing.

3. Marketing expert

Perhaps, we should have begun with this entry put first on the “whom-to-hire” list. This guy will tell you what your market is, how to market to your audience, and what should the other people on your team be doing. He will also help you channelize their best talents and give you the best output. This guy wears many hats as he knows a little about whatever there is to know about marketing, be it writing, video production, etc etc. You shouldn’t however expect just one marketing guy to do it all.

The more, the merrier! But we know that can really add more costs to your payroll, and that is why marketing agencies have become such a hit. They do the work in much lesser time with higher quality and reasonable budgets.

4. Content writer

This is where the magic happens: The regime your brand wants to conduct needs a writer. Bet it some great ad copies or informative blogs, they all need the skills of a writer, however, not one guy can do it all. You may have to hire your daily content writers separately and special copywriters for a select few tasks individually too.

5. SEO guy

No matter how beautiful your writer is with his words, you will not be able to give him the platform he deserves without proper SEO. You need it to make your blogs rank, and that’s why you need an SEO manager, who can help your website get organic leads and more business.

6. Graphic designer

Of course, you need some beautiful pics to go with your content. You can’t just be googling and pasting copyrighted stuff. You would need original pics. This can be done if you have a graphic designer, who is blooming with creative new ideas for your new projects. You have to ensure that your marketing expert works in full sync with your designer because more so than your content, your images have a huge role in generating views.

7. Social media manager

Who isn’t using social media today? The biggest groups like Amazo, PepsiCo, Unilever, P&G – everybody’s online waiting for their users to engage with them over social media. The best part is that social media is largely free. So, get on this train with someone who knows how to get on the buzzing words and make share-worthy posts. Hire someone who knows just the right hashtags and uses just the right captions to generate “love” reacts. Why settle for likes!

While you can hire all these people in-house, you would need to put a lot of work handling them. It’s better you outsource your marketing efforts to someone trusted and specializing in this very field.

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