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We all know the involvement of AI in the automotive industry from the past couple of years. It uses data and algorithms to replicate human thinking ability and decision making. This system works on algorithms to detect and solve problems. Due to this ability, this technology is deployed across many industries including the automobile industry.

According to the estimates, the worth of the AI industry by 2026 will be more than 12 billion dollars, and right now it is just 1B$. The increase will be noticed because of the more autonomous features that will be involved to provide more vehicles safety and comfort.

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Artificial intelligence evaluation in the automotive industry

AI features are not only fiction anymore. Many concepts are already developed, tested and customers are using these every day. Some of these features include automated parking, climate control, lane assistance, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss AI involvement in the automobile industry in the future. Like what technologies are going to be launched in the future. Moreover, countries like the UAE are already loaded with tech-driven cars. You can easily Rent a Car or buy it to enjoy AI car features.

Autonomous cars

You may have heard of the autonomous car concept as it is in news for years. Many car brands along with their IT partners are working together to achieve level 5 of self-driving cars. It is the level where no driver will be involved at all to drive the car. The advanced algorithms and technologies will allow the car to navigate and drive properly. This technology is expected to be launched in the upcoming decade.

Driver assisting technology

This technology is in gossips for quite a year now and it is already present in a few car models. Basically, it is the technology that helps to assist the driver while driving. It may also take the control of the vehicle in case of any risk whenever needed. Different types of sensors will be used inside and outside the vehicle to provide that amazing feature to the car owners. It will not only be safe for car owners but also the other drivers on the road. Moreover, other driver-assist features include cross-traffic detectors, emergency brake, and blind-spot monitoring.

Cloud services of Artificial intelligence

Cloud technology has become a part of our lives for the last couple of years. The cloud services will be used to connect the different cars and collect the real-data of traffic, etc.

The following ways are going to impact the car industry as far as the cloud is concerned:

Predictive Maintenance: The predictive maintenance will be helpful to predict your vehicle issues before time like if you need to replace your battery, oil, etc. There will be sensors installed to collect that information for you.

Risk management: Artificial intelligence will be able to detect how safe the owner is on the road by analyzing the previous data and driving experience.

Insurance: This AI feature will help to prevent forgetting something important. Like it will remind you when to pay your insurance dues. It will further speed up the process if an accident occurs.

Driver recognition

This AI feature will be great for your car safety in the future. Also, if you are going to share a car the face recognition system runs to identify the driver. After that, the driver will be able to adapt the vehicle settings.

Driver monitoring

This feature will be helpful to prevent accidents by reading driver behavior. The system will be able to read if the driver is active, tired, drunk, etc. Moreover, the heartbeat, etc. will also be recorded to prevent accidents on the road.

Smart manufacturing

AI is not only helping to improve the car interior and security features but it also helps to improve the car manufacturing processes. Nowadays, many car manufacturers are using robots to complete the car making process. Robots are completely capable of performing complex tasks that are difficult for human beings.

Beyond the screens

The car buttons will be replaced by the dashboard screens soon in the future. Voice control systems are already introduced in cars so drivers don’t have to use phones while driving. They can make a call, answer the call, read or reply to a text, etc. For entertainment purposes, rear-seat monitors are introduced in Audi A8, and it will be integrated into other models soon.


AI has gone so far and still, there is much more to experience in the future. The engineers and IT companies are taking AI to the next level of perfection. The automotive industry is worthless without AI and drivers also can’t rely solely on themselves as AI is making our life easier.

Cars with AI technology are running in different countries like the UAE. So, you can hire a car during your Dubai or Abu Dhabi trip to enjoy the ride in tech-driven cars. If your stay is long, we recommend you to get it from any Monthly Rent a Car company.

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