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TyN Magazine from Avaya Engage, Austin, Texas. Avaya, a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced an integrated Slack app for Avaya communication platforms, a key extension of its cloud-native application ecosystem delivering a more consumerized and user-driven approach. 

 Avaya’s Virtual Assistant for Slack enables teams to enhance their collaboration, communication and productivity without the need to switch between applications, so if you live in Slack all day long, your Avaya collaboration and customer engagement solutions are available there. By using simple Slack commands like call-icons and slash commands, you can instantly create Avaya meetings and conference calls within a Slack channel.  

 “Our directives for team collaboration tools insist that they deliver persistent, immersive experiences for the digital workplace, and Slack’s millions of users around the world demonstrate just how much value they are bringing,” said Chris McGugan, Avaya Senior Vice President of Solutions and Technology. “Today’s announcement with Slack is a continuation of our open approach to support cloud-native apps with AI capabilities for customizable and robust communications and collaboration.” 

 Slack is a collaboration hub that brings employees together with the information and tools they need to elevate organizational performance. Avaya Virtual Assistant for Slack is another example of Avaya’s extensive ecosystem of technology partners and developers, with integrations and alliances that deliver seamless capabilities through comprehensive, innovative, and successful solutions for its customers. 


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