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How and Why We Built Eno’s NLP In-House

Do you speak bank? Financial institutions often have their own vocabulary: transaction, authorized user, fraudulent activity, and so on.

China decline to weigh on Samsung Q4

Samsung was tipped to report a drop in operating profit and revenue for Q4 2018, as poor economic conditions in key market China.

5G to take centre stage at CES 2019

The next generation technology will still be a major force at the show as companies highlight its ability to enable new capabilities across automotive, IoT and entertainment.

Inside “The Laughing Room”

An artificial intelligence-powered laugh track amuses and unsettles in interactive installations.

Seven Digital Marketing Trends You Must Use in 2019

It is very likely that the strategies you used last year won’t be effective in 2019.

Artificial intelligence: general purpose technology

Artificial intelligence is often referred to as general purpose technology or as fundamental technology of the future.

5 EU Blockchain Initiatives

The European Union is taking steps to become one of the leading economic blocs in the blockchain race.

Avaya Introduces New Device as a Service Offering

New Subscription Option Provides Simplicity and Affordability in Upgrading Cloud Customers to the Avaya Desktop Experience.

Does AI Truly Learn And Why We Need to Stop Overhyping...

Every day data scientists build machine learning algorithms to make sense of the world and harness large piles of data into marketable insights.

Global forecast 2023: 10 billion mobile connections including 1.3 billion 5G...

Latin America & Caribbean: More than Half a Billion LTE Connections by 2022 North America: 186 Million 5G Connections by 2023 with 32% Market Share.