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Hexagon to display Smart X solutions at Smart City Expo World...

Hexagon’s exhibition at SCEWC includes Smart X technology demonstrations for building, mobilising and protecting smart cities.

RAD: uCPE is gateway to IT service revenues

Universal customer premises equipment is mostly viewed as a means of replacing multiple single-function boxes with a single piece of commodity hardware.

CES Tech Talk podcast highlights Top Trends at CES 2019

CES Tech Talk showcases industry pioneers and global innovators, market leaders and disruptive startups, including gold-medal Olympians and entrepreneurs featured on ABC's Shark Tank.

AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will be present at...

Dr. Su to explore the accelerating adoption of high-performance computing and visualization technologies to redefine life.

Verizon CEO to Keynote at CES 2019

CES 2019 to be global showcase demonstrating 5G tech transforming industries.

Internet, geopolitics and the future

Following recent statements by Eric Schmidt, in which he predicted a future with an Internet divided into two independent networks managed by the United States and China.

5 things to know about the future of jobs

The future of work is increasingly becoming today’s reality for millions of workers and companies around the world.

How will 5G revolutionize tech?

According to Gartner, more than 21 billion devices will connect to the internet by 2020, with 5.5 million more added each day.

Neutrona Networks wins big at the 2018 Global Carrier Awards

The company was recognized for its leadership in developing strategic alliances to serve enterprise customers in the Americas.

MEF delivered its MEF18’s Award-Winning Proof of Concept

Teams involving 20 companies received prestigious PoC Awards for innovations aligned with the MEF 3.0 transformational global services framework.