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Banks, regulators cast fresh doubt on 9mobile sale

In separate media reports in the country, new issues emerged which again call into question the sale of the troubled operator.

Artificial intelligence, deduces movements before they occur

Machine learning system efficiently recognizes activities by observing how objects change in only a few key frames.

Global business value of artificial intelligence in banking to reach $300...

North America is projected to be the largest market for AI in banking through 2023.

Cybersecurity is failing us, and will continue to do so unless...

Our current model of internet security is too vulnerable to the mistakes of individual programmers. Better alternatives exist – and should be deployed.

Solving global water crisis with Artificial Intelligence

To help overcome water crisis, organizations have started using artificial intelligence to efficiently stop this wastage.

Putting 5G in perspective

It seems much more is being written about the strategic implications of 5G than the technological benefits the fifth generation of mobile telephony will bring.

Artificial intelligence system uses transparent, human-like reasoning to solve problems

Model from MIT Lincoln Laboratory Intelligence and Decision Technologies Group sets a new standard for understanding how a neural network makes decisions.

The special features of sports betting on American Football

This popular American sport is also simply called "football" and aims to get the football into the opponent's playing field or as many points as possible.

ECI shows that in cooperation and innovation is the secret

Project, to be exhibited at MEF18, advances the feasibility of LSO standards and brings harmony to multi-carrier cooperation.

Amazon’s video doorbell: 1984 at the front door?

Activists have criticized Amazon for pitching its facial recognition tool, known as Rekognition.