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Sify selects VERSA se-wanand sd-branch for coud@core networking portfolio

Versa Networks – innovator of a next-generation software architecture that integrates cloud, networking and security services

Circular Cities, what are they?

The circular economy approach aims to reshape resource use by decoupling growth from material extraction.

AI will create as many jobs as it displaces

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will create as many jobs in the UK as it will displace over the next 20 years.

Artificial intelligence system uses transparent, human-like reasoning to solve problems

Model from MIT Lincoln Laboratory Intelligence and Decision Technologies Group sets a new standard for understanding how a neural network makes decisions.

Ibuki, a child-like android

Improvement of humanlike conversations in humanoid robots

Model can more naturally detect depression in conversations

Neural network learns speech patterns that predict depression in clinical interviews.

MEF assembling all-star speaker line-up for MEF18 event

Executives, top experts from AT&T, Comcast Business, Deutsche Telekom, PCCW Global, Spectrum Enterprise, Verizon, Orange Business Services, CenturyLink, Equinix, Sparkle, Colt, Ciena, Microsoft, McKinsey, AEG & More.

Internet of medical things growth through enabling wearables and e-skin devices

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and sensor technologies to help establish smart hospitals, finds Frost & Sullivan.

Cancer-tracking AI could save lives by predicting how tumours evolve

An artificial intelligence system called Revolver is revealing previously hidden but common tricks by which cancers evolve to spread and defy treatment.

IFA 2018: Shift Automotive, the future of driving

Berlin hosts the inaugural convention designed to explore how new automotive technologies are changing the way we think, live and drive.