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Microsoft fortifies security and brings AI to the masses at Ignite...

The company also demonstrated how AI, IoT and edge computing have become the foundation of the enterprise for a more secure, productive and intelligent workplace.

Will L.A.’s Anti-Terrorist Subway Scanners Be Adopted Everywhere?

Terahertz millimeter-wave technology will screen passengers for bombs and suicide vests from 10 meters distance as they rush to make the next train.

New tools from IBM and Google reveal just how hard it...

The unseen dangers inherent in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are proving the importance of IBM and Google’s diverse approach to this multifaceted problem.

Avaya named winner in three categories of the 2018 Conarec Awards

Companies were evaluated by the main contact centers and largest contractors in the country according to eight criteria.

MEF18 to Host 20 Proof of Concept Demonstrations

MEF18 focuses on accelerating worldwide adoption of assured services orchestrated across automated networks.

An AI for editing music in videos

The system, which is “self-supervised,” doesn’t require any human annotations on what the instruments are or what they sound like.

Creating 3-D-printed ‘motion sculptures’ from 2-D videos

Helping athletes, dancers and others better analyze how they move

LTE connections worldwide grew exponentially

Latin America Region: 82 Million New LTE Connections Year over Year. North America: 77% LTE Market Share

IoTSWC will show practical uses of the industrial IoT

Held at Fira de Barcelona from 16 to 18 October, the event will display 10 testbeds showing how the IoT will reshape the global economy.

Know what are the six IoT solutions you can already adopt

New roadmap to accelerate global impact of internet of things (IoT) technologies, in six clusters IoT solutions will not necessarily replace humans.