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NAGRA at IBC 2018, under the theme “Smartly Digital”

Pay-TV service providers are at a crossroads between OTT add-on services and true digital transformation,

Revolutionizing everyday products with artificial intelligence

Mechanical engineering researchers are using AI and machine learning technologies to enhance the products we use in everyday life.

How to control robots with brainwaves and hand gestures

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory system enables people to correct robot mistakes on multiple-choice tasks.

Telcos need to build new capabilities to capitalize on billion dollar...

Blockchain is generating many headlines, mostly related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the prospect of a new paradigm for fully secure transactions.

The best photos of the Arris Executive Leadership Forum

Arris represents a market in continuous growth and expansion.

Can an app replace your birth control?

The app works kind of like fertility tracking, but with more data.

Combining Humans and AI: Is It an Art(ificial) or a Science?

AI solutions deliver automation and predictive analytics in ways that were not thought possible before.

Your digital transformation journey: Good to great in a digital economy

The term “digital transformation” is arguably the hottest term in business today.

Putting 5G in perspective

It seems much more is being written about the strategic implications of 5G than the technological benefits the fifth generation of mobile telephony will bring.

Employee experience, cornerstone of a successful digital transformation

“Employee experience” is a catch-phrase in business that we don’t hear or talk about enough.