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The special features of sports betting on American Football

This popular American sport is also simply called "football" and aims to get the football into the opponent's playing field or as many points as possible.

How to place bets

Sport is one of the best hobbies, the body and mind are strengthened and balanced. But not all people have the possibility to do a sport.

Avaya Adds Slack to its Open Ecosystem  

Avaya introduces new Virtual Assistant for Slack integration, delivering persistent, immersive experiences and collaboration everywhere.

FatPipe and ACS Technologies Digitally Transform Their Contact Centers With Avaya...

Avaya IX Mobility, previously called Avaya Mobile Experience, reflects the Avaya Intelligent Xperiences.

What does China want to do on the Moon’s far side?

What will China's Chang'e-4 mission learn about the far side of the Moon? Here are a few things the mission is designed to do.

Democratizing data science

Tool for nonstatisticians automatically generates models that glean insights from complex datasets.

The equivalent of one atomic bomb per second: How fast the...

Much of the heat has been stored in the ocean depths but measurements here only began in recent decades.

Amazon’s video doorbell: 1984 at the front door?

Activists have criticized Amazon for pitching its facial recognition tool, known as Rekognition.

HTC VIVE teamup with Mozilla and AWS to bring dedicated virtual...

Fidelity Investments to be first to help consumers analyze investments and collaborate with other users with new platform.

How and Why We Built Eno’s NLP In-House

Do you speak bank? Financial institutions often have their own vocabulary: transaction, authorized user, fraudulent activity, and so on.