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Sport is one of the best hobbies, the body and mind are strengthened and balanced. But not all people have the possibility to do a sport. For some, everyday life does not allow it and some people cannot do sports due to health problems. However, this is no reason not to be interested in sport.  Because especially if it is not possible for you to power yourself out physically, you need a job and a hobby. Sports betting is exactly the right thing. For sports betting it is very important that you are constantly informed and always up to date. In the sports betting sector, it makes no difference whether you play sports yourself or not. Knowledge and strategies are important. Sport always brings with it many topics of conversation and provides good entertainment. That’s why sports betting is so popular. With a little “know how” and research, nothing stands in the way of happiness. How to make successful bets and what makes a good bookmaker, you learn in this article. You can bet on your favourite football team for the next game, for example.

The bookmaker of trust

Special caution on the Internet is recommended, because there are already numerous stories of various scammers on the Internet. And of course sports betting, where a lot of money flows, is also affected. Therefore it is very important, if you want to have long-term success with betting, that you have a trustworthy and serious betting provider. As already mentioned, there are countless providers on the Internet. Pay attention to the licenses when choosing a betting provider. Every reputable provider has a license that serves to keep the betting provider under control. And if there are complications, you have a contact person, where you can submit a complaint, which then examines the case neutrally as a third person. In general, you should only choose one European supplier. Licences such as those from Malta or Gibraltar or even one of the coveted Schleswig-Holstein licences have a certain degree of security and professionalism. A serious bookmaker, also called Booki, has a transparent platform where the most important information is clearly visible. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to the small print, because here you will often find important information such as the payout. In general you can say that if a provider pays out within 1-5 working days, you can place a bet with a clear conscience. Whereby 5 working days already count as a long waiting time. Sometimes there are also deposit limits to protect the customer.


“Trust is good, control is better”, this does not only apply to the provider when betting. But this statement applies first and foremost to you personally, because only you can protect yourself as far as your belongings are concerned. So that you can hope for success with bets, it is very important that you budget reasonably with your money. You need good control over your own finances and financial possibilities. It is best to set yourself a pain threshold, how much you can lose in order not to get into trouble. The limit you set yourself should always be maintained and should not be exceeded in exceptional situations.  It is particularly important that you always know exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it and what your options are. It’s about a strategy that you should follow to make a profit. Emotional action or making a bet on a spontaneous whim should be strictly avoided. This can lead to ill-considered, non-strategic behavior, which in turn can endanger gambling addiction. The level of financial commitment must always be in proportion to the budget. It is advisable not to bet more than five percent of the available capital on each bet.  You should also be aware that all your money can be lost with every tip. Therefore, you should never exceed your pain threshold. The betting game is and remains a gambling game with risk, no matter what good strategy you have developed over the years. Especially when you start betting, you should be prepared for losses. Even if you later found a great strategy, it’s no guarantee for your winnings. First and foremost, it’s up to you how well you handle your money and how you can take losses.

Develop strategies

Knowledge is power and those who know more and have gained experience in betting have more chances of winning. The variety that you can use in betting is due to many factors, not only the team wins. But also, for example, how many goals are scored, who scores the goal, who gets a card, who drops out, is there a penalty kick? And much more. You can bet on pretty much anything.  You can choose from 40,000 variations of bets to try your luck. With this amount of possibilities, it’s easier to find 20 – 30 different betting options and develop a strategy that suits you bit by bit. You need to get used to the options and focus on certain possibilities.

There are countless betting systems that can be used for sports betting. However, all major sports betting providers usually offer three types of betting:

Single bet: The single bet is the simplest and most classic way of betting. Here the player bets on the outcome of a game. If his statement is correct, he has won. If his betting forecast is wrong, the money is also lost. Most bets that are placed are single bets. They can be played quickly and without much thought.

Combination bet: A combination bet combines several bets. The special thing about this is that all bets must be won for the combination bet to count as won. The player must play at least two bets with each other, only the offerer can set a limit. With some sports betting providers, combination bets of up to 10 different bets are possible. Combined bets make it possible to win a lot of money with a small stake. But it also carries a high risk, because if only one of the bets is lost, all the money is gone.

System bet: System bets are a more complicated continuation of the combination bet. In contrast to a combination bet, the bet is not completely lost if a single bet is lost. System bets are mainly played by trained players.

If you want to read more detailed information, take a look at this link. It is up to the betting player to decide what risk to take, what strategy to develop and how professionally to bet. There is something for the beginner to the professional. The most important thing with sports betting is that you always set yourself a financial limit. You should never exceed this limit to protect yourself. Furthermore, the chances of winning increase if you are always well informed.

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