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It is not only slot machines that have come a long way since their inception. The slot symbol has undergone mighty change through history as well. Slots were invented back in 1895 and the earliest slot machine consisted of 3 reels with a horseshoe, diamonds, spades, hearts and a Liberty Bell symbol filling the reels. The bell was the most valuable of all the symbols and even today bells can be found on many modern slot game reels from the best slot site.

In the early 1900s, slots and gambling were banned, yet this did not destroy the slot machine. Instead of these machines being used for gambling purposes, they evolved and took on the guise of fruit machines and vending machines that dispensed sweets as prizes. Even fruit symbols still survive on slots reels today and these symbols are a major part of the retro and classic slots scene. In 1907 a slot called Operator Bell that was fruit symbol dominated hit the market and this proved popular in saloons and barber’s shops. By 1910 bar symbols had made their way onto the slots reels as well. When the gambling ban was lifted and slots could be played for cash prizes once more, many of these symbols remained in place. 

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A New Hi tech Era 

By 1963, the traditional slot machine and their symbols were under threat by the first electrical slot called Money Honey. This paved the way for the first video slot to appear in 1976 and this introduced stars gems, crowns and 777 into the slot machine symbol equation. 

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The Digital Age 

In the mid 1990s, a new form of technology was about to change slots and this would change the gambling world forever too. Digital technology allowed gambling to move from its familiar land-based foundations to a virtual invisible world that existed only on the internet. Here casinos could be accessed at a touch of a computer key and slots could be spun in the comfort of customer’s homes. This new digital world also allowed for more intricate slot games and more freedom to create new games with new symbols. In fact, slots moved far away from their traditional slot symbol history and hundreds of new symbols in the shape of animals, historical figures, made up characters and actors from hit movies, filled the reels instead. These new symbols sat side by side with traditional symbols such as 10s and Queens. 

Modern Slot Symbols 

Now there are mega high paying symbols in slots that can pay in excess of 500x your stake, should five land on the reels in a row. Books are some of the most popular symbols and they trigger bonus rounds and also act as wilds. Book Of Ra and Book Of Dead are two of the most popular book themed slots out there. If you fill the reels with the male explorer symbol during the bonus round, you win 5000x your stake. Games like Cleopatra up the stakes further and five Cleopatra symbols win you 10.000x your stake.

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