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We often face this situation whenever we try to send a large amount of data. When we want to send some large files to a friend or a colleague, we can not find the proper way to send it. As a result, we try out different options only to find them very useless for real-world usage. It becomes very much frustrating when we are in a hurry. Most of the online email services that we use in our daily life do not let the users send large files. In this article, we are going to find out the best options that are available for us to send large files over the internet to a person.

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Firefox Send

This service is an online free service available for the users who have an account of Mozilla. Even when you do not have the Mozilla Firefox account, the service is open for you, but then, the size of the file that you can send is smaller than the before. Here, you can upload any file from the browser. The other person with the right link will be able to download the file from a different browser. This feature is also available for the Android Application. For the paid plans, you can use coupons from Hotozcoupons, Dealvoucherz &

Cloud Storage Services

In real life, we use many types of services for cloud computing. There are various services available to us regarding the cloud storage system. Some of the best examples are Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, etc. Here, also, if you want to send a large amount of file, you just have to upload the file using your very own account. There are upgrades for the account holders. If you want, you can upgrade to a higher plan where you will be able to send a file that has a greater size.


A third-party file transfer site can also help you to send the large files over the internet to a friend or a colleague. WeTransfer provides this type of service for users. You have to give basic information, and you are good to go. You will be able to upload the file very easily.


DropSend is an email service where this site offers the users to put the sender and recipient information and to upload the file as an attachment. There are various types of plans available. There is an entirely free plan also, which will give you the option to send such files multiple times a month within a limited space. Premium plans are available for less amount if you use the vouchers from Dealvoucherz

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