Tory Jackson, Director of Strategic Processes at Galileo.
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During Fintech Americas 2019 in the city of Miami, TyN Magazine interviewed Tory Jackson, Director of Strategic Processes at Galileo.

TyN: How do you see the process of the global digital transformation?

Tory Jackson: The digital transformation is a crucial element to provide the benefits of modern payments technology to more people and broader use cases. It is making payments possible for a wider range of solutions to enfrentar the different payment problems all over the world.

TyN: What solutions does you company offer for said transformation?

T.J.: At Galileo we work everyday to provide the latest in payments technology and make it avaliable through our open API. We power the most innovative and fastest growing companies in payments that use our technology to create amazing products. We work together with banks and fintech companies to make payments technology accessable to everyone.

TyN: What do you concider the most attractive market for your company and why?

T.J.: We view LATAM in general as a very underserved market with a lot of people and companies that could benefit from our technology. Mexico specifically has only recently installed the appropriate regulatory framework to be able to acomodate for a broader range of payment solutions. Mastercard is an amazing partner for us in Mexico making huge strides in providing the right network functionality and switching capabilities that enable our platform.

TyN: Do you consider latin america as a market for fintech expansion?

T.J.: Absolutely. The beauty of fintech is that fintechs develop their products around problems that they see in their lives and communities and are passionate about solving those problems. At Galileo we aim to provide the back end payments solutions to enable these products and make sure they have everything they need to be successful.

TyN: What is the value prop of your company for the financial sector?

T.J.: Galileo was founded 20 years ago and from the beginning we have focused on enabling payments products that promote financial inclusion and serve the underserved. We continue to develop the most advanced solutions in the market to provide the technology for these types of products.

The real power of Galileo lies in our open API. We did not wake up a year ago and decide that we were going to develop technology for fintechs. We have spent the past 20 years learning how to do it right. We have the experience and the technology to power beautiful products that change the lives of the people that use them.

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