João Lima Pinto, CEO de ITSCREDIT
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TyN Magazine from Finnosummit 2019, Miami- We exclusively interviewed João Lima Pinto, CEO of  ITSCREDIT the event.

TyN Magazine: How do you see the global digital banking transformation process?

João Lima Pinto: Applying for credit from a bank is traditionally a complex, paper-based process involving countless trips to and from a bank branch to obtain information and deliver and sign dozens of documents. This process brings unnecessary stress and strain at a very busy time. In the digital world the customer is in control. There’s a constant adaptation to new business models that the presence of banks in digital requires, according to the profiles of a new generation of customers that privileges the relationship bank-customer in an intuitive, attractive, simple and fast online environment, without the bureaucracies often associated to traveling to the banks’ physical branches.

TyN: What solutions does your company offer for this transformation?

J.L.P.: At ITSCREDIT, we want to simplify this process and ease people’s lives the world over. Our digital platform allows bank customers, in real time, to simulate the amount and term of a new loan and apply for it. After signing a contract, they can obtain its approval and the money is released. The complete credit application process can be made via computer, smartphone or tablet, taking place completely online and in less than 20 minutes.

TyN: Which do you consider to be the most attractive market for your company and why?

J.L.P.: We already work actively on European, African and North American continents, but it is our goal to strengthen our presence and increase our client base in the Latin American market. We want to make our solutions known and position ourselves as world-class players in the development of software for credit solutions.

TyN: Do you consider LATAM a growing Fintech market?

J.L.P.: Yes. It’s a market in expansion and as Fintech we want to participate. Credit is fundamental in that evolution and our solutions represent a big evolution. Globally speaking LATAM is an excellent opportunity for Fintech companies that offers credit solutions due being developing economies.

TyN: What is your company’s value proposition to the financial sector?

J.L.P.: By making digital and automating all these processes, our customers can establish a relationship that is much simpler and more immediate, meeting their customers’ expectations. A win:win scenario! Besides, our credit platform has already proved capable of providing a considerable increase in leads, an increase in the volume of loans and efficiency. At the same time, there were decreases in the waiting time for credit approval, a decrease in operating costs and a reduction in the time taken to launch new products.

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