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As per Coinbase CEO, Apple crypto policies are hindering the growth of Bitcoin and delaying cryptocurrency adoption. Brian Armstrong, the chief executive officer of crypto exchange Coinbase, has been vocal about the anti-crypto policies followed by various tech giants including Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Brian says that Apple does not welcome any crypto-related opportunities and is geared to stifle the growth of cryptocurrencies. Apple crypto policies are hostile and severely restrict the promotion of cryptocurrencies on its iOS platform. Over the years, the Cupertino-based tech company has restricted certain features, functionalities, and the earning potential related to cryptocurrency and dApps.

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Apple crypto policies restrict iOS user experience

Users of iOS face many restrictions on crypto apps. Firstly, Apple does not fully allow iOS users to earn crypto by finishing tasks. Secondly, it restricts dApp browsers thereby limiting the user experience of various crypto-related apps.

Brian expressed his discontentment in a series of tweets targeting Apple crypto policies. He particularly warns how Apple limits access to decentralized finance applications or dApps. Brian then highlights how the tech company is drafting anti-crypto regulations in iOS making it difficult for the crypto exchange to serve its users.

Brian warns Apple about an impending backlash

Apple crypto policies are crafted to negatively impact a crypto user’s experience. He charges Apple of holding back crypto progress on a global scale through its restrictive regulations. Brian adds that Apple hides behind the age-old façade of protecting iOS users from security risks. But it is, in fact, Apple that is protecting itself from the crypto competition.

Brian Armstrong further reminded Apple about the backlash Microsoft faced when it forced Windows OS users to use only Microsoft browser. By restricting the dApp user experience of Apple users, Apple may face a similar situation that Microsoft faced a few years ago. It can snowball into huge antitrust issues in case Apple crypto policies continue in the same direction.

In the end, Brian reminds Apple how Bitcoin’s journey is similar to Apple in many ways. He reminisces Apple’s hay days when coders and tech enthusiasts built a company in a small room. Bitcoin, too, was ridiculed in its early days. But today it is reshaping the financial realm.

Fuente: Cryptopolitan

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