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When the first slot machine was created back in the early 19th century, it was not clear who the target audience was. Naturally through history gambling has been a mainly male dominated pastime and men latched on to the first slot machines that were made available to the public too. The traditional view of gambling held firm until the digital revolution changed the gambling landscape beyond recognition.

In 1996 the first online casino was introduced to the internet and this novel gaming experience was an instant hit with the public. The popularity was enhanced further by the introduction of the very first video slot. This was basically a slot game that existed only in a virtual world, yet it played like a physical slot machine but was far more sophisticated than anything land-based casinos had to offer.

This opened the floodgates and hundreds of new video slots including Mermaids Millions slot began to engulf the market. Demand was so high that slots studios began to open across the world to help keep up with the demand. 

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Easy Access Gambling

The main reason that gambling took off in the mid 1990s and became a popular pastime for millions of people was because it became accessible to the masses like never before. For the first time, anyone could gamble 24/7 from the comfort of his or her own home. All that was needed was a reliable internet connection and a computer. Joining these casinos was fast and easy and so was depositing funds in casino accounts. There is an obvious reason why this new form of gambling appealed to young adults. They are the demographic that is most likely to live their lives online and young people also tend to be more techs savvy and willing to embrace new technology. Slots and video games are closely linked and again it is young adults who are most likely to play video games and then make the cross over to slots.  Slot games are also aimed at young adults, as they are more frequently being based on movies and TV shows that are very popular with a young audience.  Young people are the main demographic that regularly visit movie theaters too and are likely to be part of the preexisting fan base of movies that have become slots. Superheroes are all the rage in popular culture and the movies and TV programs that they appear in also have mass appeal with youngsters. Superhero slots are a very popular genre at online casinos and it is mainly the young that spin the reels of these games too. 

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Leisure Time

Slots are becoming increasingly popular with young adults despite the myriad of distractions this generation has. The creation of mobile slots has also helped boost the popularity of slots with young adults, as they are part of a generation that lives their lives through their smartphones. Mobile gaming is especially popular with young women and some online casinos have more mobile gamers than those using traditional devices like laptops and desktops.

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