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Parking in San Francisco is no cakewalk – it is one of the busiest cities in the US, and the demand for parking near top attractions is at a constant high. San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) manages several parking facilities for visitors and residents. Street parking is also popular in San Francisco; however, finding a vacant spot isn’t always an easy task depending on the neighborhood. Off-street parking lots and garages are the real saviors; many are now available on parking apps and websites to enable pre-booking for guaranteed spots. Booking San Francisco parking online also saves money – you’ll find several offers such as early-bird discounts, parking vouchers, and more that help lower parking costs. You can find and book a parking spot anywhere in San Francisco using a smartphone or PC, especially when planning a tour of the city’s top attractions.

Let’s get you started with a few tips on finding the best spots for parking in San Francisco near top attractions:

Parking Near Golden Gate Bridge

The San Francisco icon is probably the first destination on your itinerary – a 1.7-mile wonder that deserves to be seen from all angles. A walk across the bridge connecting the Marin Headlands and San Francisco’s Presidio is long, and if you aren’t up for it, just enjoy the view. Don’t miss that golden hour snapshots; pedestrians and cyclists can access the bridge’s sidewalks during daylight hours. So, where do you leave your car before taking a walk?

The north and south Vista Points offer limited parking spots – get there early for this most convenient parking near Golden Gate Bridge. But keep your options open and find a few parking lots nearby – pre-book for that guaranteed spot and instant access to the garage so that you waste no time before walking up to the bridge. Check out Battery East and Crissy Field parking lots for affordable parking not too far from the Golden gate Bridge.

Parking in San Francisco Chinatown

No tour of San Francisco is complete without a visit to Chinatown – the oldest in North America and undoubtedly, one of the best you’ll ever visit. Centered around Stockton Street and Grant Avenue in downtown San Francisco, the 24 square block area attracts tourists round the year. San Franciscans also love to visit frequently for the food, culture, and more. Would you believe it – San Francisco Chinatown sees more visitors every year than the Golden Gate Bridge!?

You’ll easily find your way to Chinatown by car, but whether you are a local or an out-of-towner, parking could be the tricky part. The SFMTA Portsmouth Plaza parking lot is quite well-known and but there’s no guarantee you’ll find a vacant spot. Street parking in San Francisco Chinatown is not recommended; firstly, it’s hard to come by, and then there’s the permit requirement. Much of the neighborhood falls under Residential Parking Zone C, and even with a permit, you cannot park for more than two hours at a stretch. Waverly Place and Clay Street could be great for a quick stop and free street parking – but how often do you make a quick stop in Chinatown. What you need is a secure and affordable parking space that’ll keep you worry-free while enjoying all the sights and sounds of this vibrant neighborhood. And the solution is at a Chinatown parking lot near you! Hourly rates start at just $3, and the daily maximum would go up to only $30 if you know where to find the best deals. Check out the Jackson Street Garage, California Street City Parking lot on Sacramento Street, and the North Beach Parking lot on Washington Street.

5 Mejores miradores al puente Golden Gate. San Francisco - Mola Viajar

Parking at San Francisco Embarcadero

San Francisco’s eastern waterfront along the Bay is one of the liveliest and most scenic places in the city. Even if it’s just a stroll, you’ll enjoy it here – but there’s lots more to explore and keep yourself busy with – the crowds prove it! The onsite lots at all the Embarcadero Centers are the most convenient. These garages are open from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday, and the parking rates start at $3 – $6 for 30-minutes. But if you choose a parking garage near San Francisco Embarcadero, the rates will go down, and your savings will go up. Mason Street and Ellis Street are great places to start your search; there are several affordable garages in and around the Embarcadero that are not only cheaper but also ensure secure parking with all the latest amenities.

Union Square Parking in San Francisco

Bordered by Geary, Powell, Post, and Stockton Streets, Union Square in downtown San Francisco is a major tourist destination with its art galleries, upscale department stores, boutiques, salons, and more. If shopping is on your mind, head over to Union Square, and you’ll not be disappointed. As for parking, pre-planning would be a great idea. The Union Square Parking Garage is an onsite facility and quite popular too. The lot is open daily, round the clock, and rates start at $10 for a couple of hours. Please note that Union Square stores do not provide parking validations. Parking garages on Post Street, Mason Street, and Ellis Street offer a better deal with lower rates for premium parking amenities. It’s just a short walk to the main attractions at Union Square, from these well-maintained garages, and you need not worry about time limits and parking violations.

Oracle Park Parking in San Francisco

Home of the San Francisco Giants and one of the best MLB stadiums – parking near Oracle Park is no easy task, especially if you expect to find a convenient spot at the last minute. Even the streets can’t accommodate you on a big game day and most other days. But don’t let that stop you from driving to Oracle Park – just get there early if you plan to pay high drive-up rates at parking lots nearby. The other option – the better option – is to pre-book a parking spot near the ballpark and have a stress-free time.

The official Oracle Park parking lots can hold up to 3500 vehicles, but better not gamble with high demand. During events, street parking rates also go up to $7; on other days, it ranges from $1 – $3. You’ll find a secure off-street parking space for just $10 – $15 without any of the risks that come with street parking. Get a guaranteed parking spot and instant access to the garage when you arrive by booking your Oracle Park San Francisco parking in advance.

San Francisco Airport Parking

San Francisco city is home to two major airports – the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and the Oakland International Airport (OAK). SFO is one of the leading airports in the country and serves over 55 million passengers on an annual basis. However, parking spots are very much limited when it comes to passenger traffic. Visitors planning to fly out often end up with no vacant parking spots, which can be frustrating. Your best shot at saving time in transit to the Airport would be booking a spot in advance before flying out. offers plenty of affordable deals for SFO airport Parking at premium hotels and parking garages in San Francisco. Most of these San Francisco parking spots also provide all kinds of parking, like short-term, long-term, and valet parking at some of the best possible rates.

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