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Tory Jackson: “The real power of Galileo lies in our open...

The digital transformation is a crucial element to provide the benefits of modern payments technology to more people.

Smart City Expo Latam will bring together more than 350 cities...

The Mexican city of Puebla expects to gather more than 13,000 attendees in the fourth edition of the event.

MEF Launches MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata Certification Pilot for Inter-Provider Service...

LSO Sonata SDK Release 3 is now available with APIs for inter-provider serviceability, product inventory, quoting, and ordering.

Discovering Different Usage of Signage for Business

Nowadays, there have been plenty of different signages. Make sure that your business used appropriate signage.

Microsoft Launches Decentralized Identity Tool on Bitcoin Blockchain

Microsoft is launching the first decentralized infrastructure implementation by a major tech company that is built directly on the bitcoin blockchain.

What is digital equality?

In the simplest generalization, it’s about equality in the digital age – which remains a mirage for many.

20 Examples Of Machine Learning Used In Customer Experience

Machine learning is used to understand customers, drive personalization, streamline processes and create convenient and memorable customer experiences.

How To Fix Iphone Black Screen (dr.Fone – iOS Repair)

In this article, our focus is on how dr.fone software solution could help fix iPhone black screen and iPhone DFU mode problems.

The petro is real and Venezuelans are slowly starting to trade...

State-sanctioned crypto exchange Amberes reports petro trading is growing steadily in Venezuela. But why? Peculiarity, profit, and politics.

Japan to require crypto exchanges to bolster internal oversight

Japan’s financial regulator will require cryptocurrency exchanges to strengthen internal oversight of the so-called “cold wallets” used to store digital money.