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Social media is essential for attracting new clients to your business. Of course, you don’t need to enter Instagram to visit or Netflix. But some companies use this channel as the main one. If you are one of them, these tips will help you.  

Create a Clear Strategy

Before you start engaging subscribers, determine what you want to tell them. Think about the main topic of your account and what you want to achieve with it.

Create a content plan for the next month. Write out briefly what you want to say in your posts. See how much they reveal or complement your chosen topic. You will clearly understand who your account is aimed at and what you will attract your target subscribers with.

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Research Your Competitors

Next, find out what people are already writing on your topic. Find 3-5 major competitors and research them. Find out:

  • What your niche’s subscriber situation is.
  • What types of content are popular and what kind of response they get among subscribers.
  • The frequency with which your target audience expects posts to be published.
  • How competitors interact with your potential audience.

Are you done? Use this information further and update it periodically.

Use Captivating Photos

When preparing each post, pay attention to the quality and appropriateness of the picture. It should make you stand out among the many other publications.

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Engage people so they click on the photo and read your post, then click through and subscribe. Take photos yourself, take pictures of everything around you, or share personal images. Try to avoid long-fashioned photos you found through searches.

Add Geolocation

Find out what places your target audience goes to and add them to your post. If you’re blogging about travel, tag the places you’re writing about, too. Show your potential subscribers that you have the same interests as them.

Add Text to Your Photos

Catchy photos alone aren’t enough; there are already too many of them. And increasingly, people are coming to Instagram not to look, but to read. You have 2200 characters in the description of the photo. Use them.

Try to fit all the text in the description. Better yet, break the post into several parts rather than posting an extra 4-5 comments.

Remember that your subscribers see the first three lines in your feed. Give them special attention. You need to get the reader interested in reading the whole text: add an appeal, ask a question, start to tell the story and cut it off at the most interesting point.

Comment on Your Subscribers

Want your readers to be more active? Start interacting with them in their account. Show interest, read posts, write comments. 

Are you interested in these kinds of comments yourself? Or do you want to start a correspondence with 30 comments for every post? Your subscribers want it, too, and will be grateful for the opportunity.

Write detailed comments, ask questions, start a discussion. That way, you’ll draw attention to your account, and your followers will be more active.

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