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The global FinTech and InsurTech company novae has launched the disruptive Digital Capability Framework (DCF) alle2020, a global white-label B2B2C solution leveraging invisible payments, digital currency, contactless accessibility, embedded benefits and push payments. novae unveiled the solution during Nexthon One, its first biannual disruption event, which gathered a select group of forward-thinkers from Google, Visa, Canopius Syndicate at Lloyd’s and other leading companies.

As a white-label solution, alle2020 can support the digital transformation of banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, airlines, other retailers and more by enabling them to enhance the customer experience, brand the DCF as their own, and tailor it to their loyalty strategies and customer tiers. And communications with alle2020 can happen 24/7 on multiple channels, including customized apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or websites.

The ultimate travel booking engine and “book/out” process

When booking travel, consumers usually interact with several customer service representatives and must provide contact information, payment data and travel preferences multiple times, particularly if they’re paying with rewards. By integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, alle2020 identifies interactions and purchase behaviors to present increasingly relevant travel deals and rewards offers, while retaining contact information and payment and travel preferences so customers can book and pay (“book/out”) their trips with a single click.

Sometimes travelers have a straightforward booking need, but sometimes they want advice. Before alle2020, they’d have to choose between a fast interaction with a chatbot and a friendly interaction with a customer service representative or travel agent. alle2020’s “hum/bot” interaction offers the best of both worlds: AI-powered communications when speed is the priority, a human touch when it’s preferred. Both humans and chatbots interact seamlessly, one inserting itself imperceptibly into the conversation just where the other leaves off to maximize the friendliness and the efficiency of the interaction.

alle2020’s powerful metasearch engine and partnerships with major worldwide travel aggregators enable users to get preferential pricing and exclusive deals at more than 400,000 hotels in 25,000 cities; 70,000 flights to 1,700 destinations on 130 airlines; 500 car rental companies at 30,000 locations in 170 countries; 2 million vacation rental properties in 190 countries; and 10,000 tours and other entertainment options in 90 countries.

Revolutionary new fare rules and built-in trip protections

Dream vacations can quickly descend into nightmares due to canceled or delayed flights, lost connections or baggage, stolen belongings or other inconveniences. And coverage exclusions, change fees and cumbersome claims processes can make a bad situation even worse. It’s alle2020 to the rescue with revolutionary new fare rules: all-inclusive, fully-flexible pricing on flights, hotels and car rentals.

Flights, hotels and car rentals booked on alle2020 can be rebooked on the platform anytime, without change fees or penalties. alle2020 also provides coverage in the event of gadget theft or loss, accidents, emergency medical procedures and dozens of other common travel hiccups. Claims are submitted via online forms, with compensation provided instantly through push payment. A geolocalization feature activates additional on-demand protection benefits.

A native loyalty program featuring a single, smart payment solution

Thanks to a single, smart payment solution on an invisible and securely encrypted payment platform, alle2020 registers rewards as digital currency that can be used alone or split with other payment methods, such as credit or debit cards registered on the platform, to make payments online and contactless in-store around the world


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