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NetFoundry, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and the leader in Application Specific Networking, and Blazeclan, whom serves over 200 customers including McDonalds, Mondelez International and Viacom, are showcasing their integrated AWS solutions in the Blazeclan booth at the AWS Summit at the MAX Atria Singapore Expo, on April 9th.

Together, Blazeclan and NetFoundry enable businesses to swiftly and cost effectively migrate applications to AWS, spin up and manage cloud native apps in AWS, and leverage AWS-hosted SaaS applications:

·Blazeclan reduces their customers’ time-to-deployment, derisks AWS migration projects and scales digital transformations

·NetFoundry enables businesses to simply, securely and cost effectively connect to AWS, offering its platform to businesses as a fully managed SaaS, enabling businesses to easily manage AWS app connections, without requiring VPNs, private circuits or additional hardware.

“Blazeclan partnered with NetFoundry to enable businesses to successfully adopt, migrate and implement Cloud Solutions with a faster, flexible and secured network connectivity. The partnership helps our customers attain reduced time to market, deliver maximum value and unlock the potential of cloud computing to accelerate business growth.” Varoon Rajani, CEO, Co-founder | Blazeclan Technologies

“Blazeclan found that many cloud infrastructure projects developed challenges such as budget overruns, unnecessary complexity, and significant capacity crawl when it came to establishing connections to public clouds such as AWS for the purposes of migrating workloads and for connecting those workloads post-migration. NetFoundry simplifies and automates the connectivity, resulting in programmable, secure (Zero Trust), high performance connections” said Dipesh Ranjan, Head of Asia Pacific at NetFoundry.

NetFoundry’s Connectivity-as-Code solutions are delivered over the global NetFoundry Network Fabric (provided to businesses as a fully managed SaaS and accessed from any Internet or WAN).  Businesses control their  Zero Trust connectivity via NetFoundry’s web console, APIs, SDKs and existing DevOps tools such as Cloud Formation, Terraform, Jenkins and Ansible.  One connection to the NetFoundry global fabric – from any WAN or Internet provider – enables multipoint connectivity for data flows which can traverse any set of edges, hybrid clouds, multicloud and service meshes.  Because NetFoundry is application-specific, cloud-orchestrated and software-only, businesses can connect to new clouds in minutes, without impacting their existing WAN.  The business simply deploys NetFoundry software endpoints on user devices or branch servers (as virtual machines or containers), and minutes later is enjoying high performance, Zero Trust application connections, with all of the infrastructure prebuilt in the NetFoundry cloud, and managed by NetFoundry as a SaaS solution.

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