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When you’re playing slots, you need to bear in mind that they don’t tend to pay out as regularly as other games. When you’re playing poker or roulette, for example, there is always going to be a winner. It might be you, it might be another player.

When you’re playing slots, there is no reason why there would be a winner; the slots are programmed using the RNG (random number generator) system, and that means there might not be a win for days, weeks, or even months. It all depends on the random way the symbols fall – join to play slot games online today.

So is there any point in playing online slots if you stand more chance of winning money in a different game? Well, the fact that there are no rules to learn, they are cheap to play, and they’re entertaining often keeps people playing despite this. However, it is possible to look at the volatility of the slots, which might make things a little better. 

What Is Volatility In Slot Machines?

In short, the volatility of a slot machines is a measurement of how often they pay out when compared to the average. Measuring the actual winning games against the RTP tends to give a good picture of just how volatile a slot is. You might, for example, play a slot with an RTP of 95 percent and play one game well and two others badly. Then you might play a game with an RTP of 90 percent, but you do well in two games and badly in one. So although the RTPs of these games suggest the one with 95 percent is a better one to play, it is highly volatile, meaning you might not win that much after all. Despite the much lower RTP on the second game, it is also less volatile, and therefore could be a better choice. 

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High vs Low Volatility Slots

If you think of slots, you’ll probably think of either losing everything you play with, or winning a fortune without considering anything in between. After all, slots are famous for this kind of major jackpot – it’s what makes people want to play them in the first place. Yet when you really look into the truth of the slots, you’ll see that there are many smaller wins that take place all the time. This is down to volatility. Some slots will offer you more chances to win than others, albeit the prizes are smaller than you might have anticipated. 

Looking at the slots with the larger jackpots, especially the progressive ones, you’ll see that these are highly volatile. They tend to pay out very little or everything, and nothing else. That’s because, in order to be able to pay the larger prize, smaller prizes cannot be paid; this would dilute the prize fund too much. If you’re looking for smaller, more frequent wins, the progressive jackpot slots should be avoided, and you should look for games that are less volatile. 

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How To Determine Volatility

Of course, it’s easy to say you need to find a low volatility slot, but how can this be done? They aren’t exactly advertised. Or are they? If you know what you are looking for, you’ll see the clues right in front of you. The help or information screen that should be available for each game will help you a lot assuming the developer has included a volatility rating for their game. Some do and some prefer not to, so it’s worth looking just in case. 

Other things to look out for – in case there is no rating – including seeing how big the jackpot is (the larger the jackpot the less chance there is of smaller prizes) and whether there are bonus features (it’s easier to win using bonus features, so a game without them if more likely to be highly volatile).

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