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Without a surprise, pizzas are one of the most consumed foods all over America. No matter how many new brands or restaurants open up, people are always ready to try the latest custom pizzas to satiate their taste buds.

That’s one reason why opening a pizza shop can be a lucrative investment. Those profits can only be possible if you have the right equipment to help you make the business efficient.

If you have been wondering what all you will need to open a pizzeria, this post is right for you.

Starting A Pizza Shop

To open a pizza shop, you will need specific resources, both software and hardware, so that your business workflow is smooth, fast, and understandable.

We assume that you already have the pizza recipes, menu, brand name, service style, location, and business plan ready for the pizza restaurant. So, we are going to skip right to the equipment that will be required for the shop.

Additionally, this post will highlight the software and hardware equipment needed for a pizza shop, as mentioned earlier.

Let’s get started.

Software Equipment

The use of software or digital platforms for managing restaurants or other similar businesses has become a boon for restaurant owners. This is possible with POS systems and other software that create a streamlined and optimized system for business owners.

First, let’s understand what a POS system is.

Brief Introduction To POS

According to POSQuote, A POS or point-of-sale system is a platform to help customers pay you through a structured system. It consists of a computer or computers connected to one or more devices that can be used for recording, tracking, and managing payments.

With a POS, you can easily track how your business is being operated, even if you are not present at the shop. You can track all the restaurant-related data through a POS computer terminal. Additionally, the latest systems comprise cloud-driven features to access the system from your internet-based mobile device.

For a pizza shop, you utilize POS’s power with Micros, which stands for Modular Integrated Cash Register Operating System. It is a popular platform used at restaurants to take orders, assign tables, check-in staff members, manage payrolls, stock, etc. Thus, you can manage all such objectives through a micros POS system without worrying about manual errors or inaccuracies.

Micros POS Peripherals

  • Touchscreen Display – As mentioned above, you are going to need a software-driven computer terminal, which integrates a peripheral device that uses a predesigned template for managing your pizza business. This device is usually a touchscreen device that you or your employees can log in and start with the various tasks.

For instance, if you have a dine-in facility, the user can add a guest checklist and assign customers to the various tables. Any pizza or side orders that customers place can all be added to this computer for processing. This micros POS terminal will also create bills for the customers.

  • Card Reader – Some customers might use a credit card to pay up for the pizzas. For that purpose, you will need a card reader or a swipe machine that helps with the transaction. This machine is connected to the centralized computer terminal, which records the payment and processes it accordingly.
  • Receipt Printer – Any orders that are processed for the customers will be added to the central database. But, you might also need to give a receipt to the customer. For that, a receipt printer would be needed. This device is also linked to the POS system to help make the process fast and efficient.
  • Barcode Scanner – A barcode scanner helps scan the printed receipts that let the computer feed the encrypted data. This device would also be needed to scan inventory and input the data in the system efficiently.

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Hardware Equipment

Refrigeration Appliances

Pizza shops will require a lot of organic raw material, like various types of flour, vegetables, meat, sauces, and more. These will need a refrigeration unit to store them to be used for the long term without ruining the quality.

Dough Preparation Unit

Making pizzas will also need a lot of dough. For that, you will need the necessary equipment, like proofing cabinets, dough presses, sheeters, etc. The dough needs to be created with high accuracy to bring out that delicious and smooth texture, for which you will need such a machine. Additionally, dough preparation appliances will increase productivity.


The next requirement is a pizza oven that helps to prepare the pizzas for the customers. You can choose from various pizza ovens, such as brick oven, convection ovens, deck ovens, impinge ovens, and conveyor ovens. Compare them through reliable online resources to understand their benefits for your business.

Other Tools

Pizza restaurants also need other supplies like utensils, cutting boards, pizza cutters, pizza boxes, and more. Check how you are going to serve pizzas to your customers. Will it be a takeaway shop or a dine-in restaurant. Depending upon that, you might need to choose relevant tools, pizza serving boxes, delivery bags, and amenities.

Final Tips

Opening a pizza shop is not a unique business, as you will find a plethora of restaurants already doing it. So, the competition is quite high. Besides focusing on just the food quality, you can also improve the resources you will use to manage your pizzeria.

Using equipment comprising of hardware and software tools can help improve your business by several folds. Utilize a good POS system so that you or your employees find it easy to manage the orders, payrolls, inventory, transactions, etc.

Furthermore, the hardware for preparing pizzas also needs to be top-notch, so you can give the best quality pizzas to your customers. Make sure to choose equipment that has great tech support, warranty, and other perks for helping you solidify your business.

Once you have all the equipment and all ready at your disposal, focus on finding the right employees and marketing campaign to make your pizza business successful.

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